Scouts - Pioneering activities

The Scouts had a great session in the woods near the river learning their knots and building bridges, hammocks and other wierd and wonderful structures.


Backwoods cooking with the Cubs

The Cubs had a great time lighting fires and cooking. They made fruit kebabs and popcorn in a can...some of which was even edible!


Medieval Cubs


Armed with some staves and twine the Cubs tackled an amazing pioneering build trebuchets!. They did a great construction job, and had a lot of fun.

John Dymond: fifty years of being a leader!


Our Group Scout Leader, John Dymond, recently received a very special badge and certificate - for being a Scout leader for 50 years! After a few years leading in England, he moved to Balfron and started the Group here, nearly 40 years ago, and our Group has grown from strength to strength.  
Not many people ever get close to being a leader for as long as John - even Baden Powell didn't manage 50 years. 

We look forward to many more years of John being involved in Scouting in Balfron.

Scout Gold Award success


Just as the Covid-19 lockdown started twelve Scouts were about to go on their final expedition which would earn them their Gold Award, the highest award in Scouts. After a lot of delays and frustration they finally got to go on their expedition, hiking and camping in the Queen Elizabeth Forest near Aberfoyle. 

Then came a second lockdown and more delays due to Covid-19, so it wasn't until March 2022, almost exactly two years after they were supposed to go on their expedition, that they finally received their awards. Most of the Scouts are now Explorers, and most of them have grown out of their Scout shirts, but it was great to finally celebrate their time in Scouts. 

Very many thanks to Jo Cookson, our District Commissioner, for coming over to present the awards.

Beavers fundraise for children in Ukraine

On Saturday 19th March the Beavers planted sunflowers (the national flower of Ukraine) around the village to raise money for child refugees and their families in Ukraine. All proceeds will be donated to the UNICEF’s Ukraine appeal. If you’d like to help right now simply donate via this page

So far they've raised nearly £600.



Bonfire night 2021



After not being able to hold it last year, it was great to get the whole Group together for our traditional Bonfire Night. As usual the guys were provided by the Beavers and we had a great bonfire and fireworks display as well as hotdogs and hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Thanks to Sophie and Tim for hosting us, to Calum for the fire and fireworks, and to all the leaders and parents who helped. Thanks as well to Enrick Explorers for their help in the food tent. 



As is tradition, and now that we are allowed to have a big Group Bonfire Night, the Beavers have been making guys for the bonfire.Each of the three lodges made a guy and they can't wait to see them on the bonfire.

Beavers' Halloween party


The Beavers had a great Halloween party...dookin' (well, forkin' really) for apples, doughnut limbo, making a Mummy,  monster musical chairs, zombie tig, scarey balloons!! The leaders said it was the fastest (and loudest) hour of their lives.

Scouts at Invertrossachs

We can finally go on camp again, so we celebrated with a weekend away at Invertrossachs. There were all the normal scout camp activities (bivouacs, hammocks, campfires, "entertainment") we we also went out on the Bell boats, raised some flag/climbing poles, went on a bike ride to Loch Drunkie and of course ate a lot of sausages and cake.