Scouts at Auchengillan

Last weekend we went over for a night at Auchengillan. It rained a lot...really a lot...and Saturday was a bit miserable. But that didn't put us off...we searched for Dmitri the spy's secret stash of marshmallows, we had homemade pizzas, did loads of team-building games and built bridges.

The bridges were from the special secret Chinese plans stolen by Dmitri and they were great, they carried us across streams and bogs...although we were so wet it was easier just to wade through the bog.

Beavers at Auchengillan

Last weekend the Beavers had a great time on their nights-away adventure to Auchengillan.

Even though the Scouts had to cope with a huge amount of rain the day before, we managed to avoid all the bad weather.

We had a very busy time: building dens in the woods, and toasting marshmallows on the fire...

...bouncing on the equaliser and walking on water were both brilliant and the Beavers also made a great homemade lunch of hotdog croissants.

Thanks to all of the leaders and parent helpers who helped make it happen.

Egg-head Scouts

It's Easter time so let's celebrate with an egg-themed Scout bonfire (thanks to Annabel). 

Auchengillan day

On a very sunny day in March we popped over to Auchengillan for some climbing and archery.



A few weeks ago we did a scrapheap challenge, to build the tallest tower out of recycling material.
We had great fun and seemed to learn a lot about engineering tall structures at the same time.


There was a lot of thought put into the towers but in the end the winning patrol was the Cobras that won.


Leaders' First Aid Training

(Hypothermia victim)
In late November last year two of our leaders went on a two-day first-aid training course led by the British Association of Ski Patrollers. Even though there was a lot of snow there was no skiing, but there was lots to learn, with a very realistic emergency at night which involved a heart problem and broken leg in the middle of the field. Both leaders should now be able to tackle anything that happens in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.    


DIY bird boxes

Back in November, Tim came in to show us how to build bird boxes and after a couple of very noisy sessions we had eleven of cosy-looking boxes ready for nesting season.  

Then in February we went out to Donaldson Park to put some of the boxes up. There are also boxes going up in Fintry, Gartmore and Drymen. We'll be checking them out later on to see if anyone moves in.