Bonfire night 2021



After not being able to hold it last year, it was great to get the whole Group together for our traditional Bonfire Night. As usual the guys were provided by the Beavers and we had a great bonfire and fireworks display as well as hotdogs and hot chocolate to keep us warm.

Thanks to Sophie and Tim for hosting us, to Calum for the fire and fireworks, and to all the leaders and parents who helped. Thanks as well to Enrick Explorers for their help in the food tent. 



As is tradition, and now that we are allowed to have a big Group Bonfire Night, the Beavers have been making guys for the bonfire.Each of the three lodges made a guy and they can't wait to see them on the bonfire.

Beavers' Halloween party


The Beavers had a great Halloween party...dookin' (well, forkin' really) for apples, doughnut limbo, making a Mummy,  monster musical chairs, zombie tig, scarey balloons!! The leaders said it was the fastest (and loudest) hour of their lives.

Scouts at Invertrossachs

We can finally go on camp again, so we celebrated with a weekend away at Invertrossachs. There were all the normal scout camp activities (bivouacs, hammocks, campfires, "entertainment") we we also went out on the Bell boats, raised some flag/climbing poles, went on a bike ride to Loch Drunkie and of course ate a lot of sausages and cake.

Cub Camp at Invertrossachs

Now that we are allowed to camp again, we set off to Invertrossachs for a weekend with the Scouts. 

As well as loads of the normal camping activities we went on a bike ride, on the water in the Bell boats...and of course there were lots of sausages to eat.


Beavers at Invertrossachs 2021

Last weekend the Beavers visitied the Cub and Scout camp at Invertrossachs. Some of the Cubs and Scouts helped them with their favourite marshmallows on a campfire.

Beavers - creating a Code of Conduct

This week the Beavers reviewed and signed our Code of Conduct. In the spirit of rule #6, the signing was with a handprint and incorporated into an obstacle course.

Scouts - Outdoor Art

This week the Scouts tried their hand at something more creative. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, they used natural materials to create art outdoors.