Cubs at Ardroy

Last weekend the Cubs went away to Ardroy and had a great time. The weather was a little challenging, in one half hour spell we had sunshine, rain, sleet and snow. But that didn't put anyone off, even if climbing with ice blocks for hands was a little difficult.

The weekend was packed with loads of activities (see the photos below), huge amounts of food (but very little waste - 263 grams on Saturday night but 0 grams on Sunday morning), midnight feasts that happened at 7am the next morning because everyone was far too tired, and lots of great team work from the Cubs.

Here are a few photos from the various activities we did:

Jacob's Ladder - which was very tricky for some of our shorter Cubs and in the cold, but everyone did fantastic and made a huge effort. There was lots of helping their fellow Cubs as well.

Den building - in the woods with Cam and Nick, the Ardroy guys. Some of us went for a big shelter, with a nice log bench in it for relaxing...and others went for a camouflaged moss-covered shelter for sleeping in. 

Labyrinth - which is a dark tunnel so photos are tricky...but here is one of us are about to go in. 

The Quest - was a series of tricky problems to was to balance the whole group on a seesaw and one was a spider's web which we had to get through without ringing the bells, although it mainly involved crawling through a muddy puddle. 

Climbing - under the watchful eye of Phil we did some proper climbing up the Ardroy climbing wall. 

Eating - one of our favourite activities was eating

We also did lots of other things, including games in the forest, firelighting, making kazoos and the nightline.

We had a great time and there will be lots of memories, but particularly - cold hands, hot juice, dorm battles and how wonderful really good waterproofs are!