Beavers - end of summer term


The Beaver’s summer term finished with a games night and badge presentations. There were loads of great games but in the end the huge balloons took over most of the session.

Scouts (finally) finish their Expedition Challenge Badge


Twelve Scouts had planned to do their Expedition Challenge badge in March (2020) but global events meant plans had to change. Fifteen months of waiting later, we finally got the go-ahead to camp. 

After some great navigation on the hike from Old Drymen Road to Aberfoyle, they camped at Dounans Centre, together with 4,897,201 midges. Cooking in a cloud of midges is probably one of the hardest things they have ever done while camping, so well done to evryone for getting through a very difficult evening. 

A quick exit in the morning was followed by the second day's hike and a (relatively) midge-free lunch stop to fire up the trangias again.

Well done to all the Scouts! 

Firelighting, den-building and muddy puddles with the Beavers

Life is slowly getting back to normal and Beavers have been meeting outdoors for quite a few weeks now. 

Recently they have been learning how to light fires (without matches), how to build their own dens, and how to jump up and down in muddy puddles!