Scout trip to Stirling Fire Station

This March the Scouts visited Stirling Fire Station to complete their Fire Safety Badge. After a briefing from members of the Fire and Rescue Service and a quick quiz to test their fire safety know-how, they had a chance to play with some of the real equipment and to test their skills with a hose in a full fireman's outfit. An excellent evening all round!

First Beaver hike of the "summer"

This Sunday the Beavers went on their first hike of the summer. We walked all the way from Balfron to Buchlyvie. The weather wasn't too good to start with (we got soaked) but then the sun came out, we dried out, had lunch and then everyone had fun wading through bogs, finding an old tractor and climbing tree stumps. It was a good 4 mile hike and for our Buchlyvie Beavers it was great to walk home. 

Beavers around the world

As part of our Commonwealth Challenge we're planning on contacting Beaver Colonies around the world. In preparation we've been thinking of the questions we'd like to ask are a few of our suggestions. 

Cub camp is open for business!

We'll have more photos soon...

More training for the leaders

Last weekend leaders from Beavers, Cubs and Scouts did even more training. This time our trainer Jeremy taught us all about micro navigation and getting off the mountains when the weather takes a turn for the worse...always a possibility in Scotland.

Then the next day we learned a lot about going up and down even steeper slopes, using ropes. We'll be practicing our Thompson knots, static belays, abseiling and the ever useful Marshall knots over the next few months until we're assessed.