Commonwealth Games Mascots

This week at Beavers we designed our own Commonwealth Games Mascots. Here's a few of them...

Polly Penny

Stompy the Dinosaur

Mandalock the Black Lion

Beavis the Beaver

Scote the Beaver


Pizza the Pizza


Killearn walk

Last weekend the Cubs (and a few stray Beavers) went on the first walk of the year. We were very lucky that it was a lovely sunny day and we went from Killearn to Glengoyne and back again. The views were great, we did a lot of map reading and even found a old abandoned quarry along the way.

Here's a map of where we went, the whole walk was six and a half miles. 

View Killearn - Dumgoyne in a larger map

Explorer badge

Last term the Beavers completed the Explorer badge. We learned all about maps, about how to use the map key and we each led our parents on an exploration around Balfron.

We had a map to follow and each made a journey stick, with things we collected along the route.   

Our explorer map...

...and some of the things we collected...

Birds of Prey

Last week Graeme came to show the Beavers (and later the Cubs) his birds of prey. We saw a couple of owls, a huge buzzard and a kestrel. It might have had something to do with Graeme telling everyone that the birds were a little peckish but this was the quietest session ever.


Last week the Beavers did a lot of experiments. We tested how much energy batteries have and even how fruit and vegetables have electrical energy in them.

We also made our own Lego elastic band cars and experimented with how much energy is stored in the elastic bands.

Just like real scientists we wrote down all our findings.

The Lego car kit...

...and the final car...

...our fruit battery testing kit...

Commonwealth challenge: medals table

This term the Beavers are doing a lot of activities around the Commonwealth Games that come to Glasgow this year.

Scouts Scotland has a new special badge and we're telling them about all the activities we do. These activities count towards our "medals" and we can have a look at how we're doing on a medals table.

So far we've had a go at netball (with leaders standing on chairs instead of nets) and we even had team coaches and a half-time team talk. There will be lots of other sports after half term but we're already on the medal table in 4th place!

We'll be posting an updated medals table as we do more activities.