Beavers sleepover in Gartmore

Last weekend the Beavers spent the night sleeping over in the new village hall at Gartmore. We arrived for lunch on Saturday and immediately went to explore the forest. We did a four and a half mile walk, past the campsite and on to the pebbly beach by the river.

After a well earned rest back at the hall, and a quick play at the park, we had our dinner and then went for another walk! 

Not another four and a half miles though, we went in search of bats. We learnt how to use the bat detector and set off to Gartmore House. At first we didn't find any but then they started coming out and we could hear them squeaking on the bat detector.  

Back at the hall, and after a mug of hot chocolate (with mini-marchmallows), it was time for bed...although not sleep...

The next day we were very very tired and just managed a quick stroll to a nearby wood to collect sticks to make walking sticks/swords/guns.

Commonwealth Games Baton Relay

Earlier this summer the Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow and the Commonwealth Games Baton came to Balfron. To mark this event the village had a celebration and our Scout Troop manned the refreshment tent.

The Baton was brought into the village by Colin Gregor, Scotland's Rugby 7s captain and it was then passed on to David, the Dad of one of our Beavers.

Balfron Bash

This weekend the troop took part in the annual Balfron Bash, the local community summer festival. We all raided our bedrooms for unwanted books and toys and created a toy shop with our mess tent.

It was great to be part of the event and we sold a huge amount of books and toys, raising money for some of our future activities. Thanks to all who helped out...

...particularly to our mobile advertising board.