A couple of weeks ago the Beavers learned a lot about health eating. We tried fruits and vegetables from around the world, many were from the commonwealth countries we are learning about this term. We also made pizzas. Now , we know that pizzas are not always very healthy but we learned about the healthy and the not-so healthy parts of the pizza, and with lots of tomato, pineapple, olives and mushrooms, with only a bit of cheese, we think this is a very tasty and healthy pizza.

We should also thank the Cubs and Scouts that came a long to help..although they may have had their own reasons to come along. They were certainly very eager to help with the eating.


Last term, for one week, the McLintock Hall was transformed into an art gallery, with three gallery rooms: portraits, still life and landscapes. There were examples of some of the paintings in the National Gallery in Scotland and the Beavers also had a go at their own works of art.

The still life produced lots of different styles. Some were very realistic, even with reflections in the glass jar...

...while others were much more abstract.

Commonwealth Games

This term the Beavers will be working towards their Fitness Challenge badge and, because the Commonwealth Games are in Glasgow this year, we'll be trying out a lot of new activities and some of us are even going to the games as part of the Scouts Scotland Commonwealth Challenge.  

We also get the extra new badge above, to put on our uniforms, and each week we'll be doing activities which will earn us Bronze Medals (the Silver and Gold are for Cubs and Scouts) which will go on a national leader board.

We're going on a bear hunt

Before Christmas, as part of our Beaver Creative badge, we visited Fintry Drama Group to look behind the scenes at their production of Aladdin (which one of our Beavers is starring in!). We saw how the scene changes work and where all the actors get changed, but the most exciting part was the stage trap door.

Back at Beavers we did our own bit of acting (We're Going on a Bear Hunt) and designed our own theatre set.