Auchengillan: rafts and hamsters

Last weekend we went over to Auchengillan for another great day plying around on the water. It was a bit better weather than last time and we had fun in the waterwalkers/hamster balls and raft building. Group 1 didn't fancy the jump into the water but Group 2 all went in. 

Scouts at Ratho

Last week the Scouts went off to Ratho for an evening of abseiling and climbing. The abseiling was a wee bit scary but the climbing was great. Everyone had great fun getting to the top of the walls and (as you can see in the last photo) a few of the Scouts helped to get one of the parents to the top as well. 

Scouts cycle trip around Loch Ard

Last weekend 15 scouts braved the trails around Loch Ard in the blissful sunshine, giving them a chance to test not only their bikes and their fitness, but their navigation skills over some tough terrain. Some steep hill climbs were met with some stunning views over the loch and with only one bike failure (from a leader no less!) everyone made it safely back to Aberfoyle.

Fundraising night

For the last couple of weeks the Scouts have been organising their own fundraising night. Each patrol had loads of ideas and everyone was given a job to do - advertising, baking cakes, collecting jumble, buying provisions etc.

The Scouts did a fantastic job of setting up all the stalls themselves, baking cakes, making teas, coffees and smoothies, arranging the jumble and making "guess the number of sweeties" games, and a beat the clock cycle challenge.

Everyone had a great evening and we raised over £250 for various charities, all picked by the Scouts themselves.