En garde

This week Gregor came to show us how to fence...some of us thought that making fences was a bit dull...but it turns out we got to be pirates!

Invertrossachs Scout Camp

Our first ever trip to Invertrossachs campsite didn't start off very well. Severe weather warnings meant we decided to call off a Friday night stay and we finally arrived on Saturday afternoon. 

It was still raining at Invertrossachs but that didn't put off the Scouts. They manfully carried gear up to the campsite in the rain, put up their tents in the rain, put up hammocks and bivoacs in the rain, ran around the campsite in the rain and went on the search for wild boar in the rain.  

...but then it was time for Calum's delicious chicken noodle stew (in the rain)...cooked in Calum's Cafe.

For pudding there was homemade chocolate oranges (muffin mix in hollowed out oranges). 

The next day it was much brighter (only a few rain showers) and after breakfast buritos we went down to the main centre to have a go at Bell Boating

Two guest Scout leaders took charge and led us out into the water for a morning of races, attacks and sumo-wrestling. 

Everyone agreed the campsite was great and I'm sure we'll be back... 

...but for now it's great weather for drying tents!

Loch Lomond Adventure for the Beavers

The Beavers had a wonderful adventure on their trip to Loch Lomond recently.

This included a very fast boat trip and a sleepover in the SeaLife centre...in the SHARK TUNNEL!

Thanks to all the rescue boat and sea life centre staff...and of course all the Beaver leaders who made it possible.

Balfron Cubs at Bonaly

Balfron Cubs Camping at Bonaly

Balfron Cubs spent a successful weekend at Bonaly Campsite near Edinburgh, to celebrate the Cub Scouts Centenary.  Saturday involved a trip to the National Museum of Flight, where we got to board Concorde and work towards our air activities badge.

On Sunday we took on the challenge of activities on site at Bonaly, including the Climbing Wall and Low Ropes Course.

Much fun and learning had by all - below in no particular order are a range of photographs of the weekend. 

The "Angus Davis" Climbing Wall

On our recent trip to Barrwood we tried and failed to beat one of our ex-Scouts' record of going from one side of the wall to the other. Two Scouts managed 21 seconds but that's still 4 seconds over the record Angus Davis set when he was a Scout.

We therefore decided that the wall should now be named...The Angus Davis Climbing Wall.

Scouts at Barrwood 2016

Last weekend we had a Scout trip to Barrwood, our District campsite that we visit at least once a year. We packed loads of activities into the weekend so here are a few photos.

We got a chance to show off our new sign...

On Saturday we had a great afternoon on the reservoir, the Network Scouts that were there helped us with the assault course run, kayaking and raft building...

...and on Saturday we also had time to put up bivouacs which we slept in on Saturday night. Some had hammocks and some built their own shelters with the tarps.

The night before, on Friday, we had four Scouts stay in the permanent bivouac at Barrwood, the foxes den.

A lot of time was taken up eating...most of which we actually cooked ourselves on the fire...

...and on the last morning we used up the final shred of energy we had on the "Angus Davis" climbing wall.