Invertrossachs Scout Camp

Our first ever trip to Invertrossachs campsite didn't start off very well. Severe weather warnings meant we decided to call off a Friday night stay and we finally arrived on Saturday afternoon. 

It was still raining at Invertrossachs but that didn't put off the Scouts. They manfully carried gear up to the campsite in the rain, put up their tents in the rain, put up hammocks and bivoacs in the rain, ran around the campsite in the rain and went on the search for wild boar in the rain.  

...but then it was time for Calum's delicious chicken noodle stew (in the rain)...cooked in Calum's Cafe.

For pudding there was homemade chocolate oranges (muffin mix in hollowed out oranges). 

The next day it was much brighter (only a few rain showers) and after breakfast buritos we went down to the main centre to have a go at Bell Boating

Two guest Scout leaders took charge and led us out into the water for a morning of races, attacks and sumo-wrestling. 

Everyone agreed the campsite was great and I'm sure we'll be back... 

...but for now it's great weather for drying tents!