Cubs and Beavers at Barrwood - September 2019

The Cubs had a great camp at Barrwood last weekend...and they were visitied by the Beavers as well.

As usual there were loads of activities: making fires, practising making and using stretchers, kayaking on the reservoir, caving, and general exploring around Barrwood - including to the Ice Boulder. And of course some great food was cooked to make sure everyone had enough energy to do all these activities.

Here are some photos of what they got up to.

The Great Egg Drop 2019

This week the Scouts took part in the Great Egg Drop challenge. With very little equipment they had to protect an egg from being dropped out of the McLintock window onto the car park.

There were some interesting designs which looked a bit implausible but were very successful...even the egg wrapped in a necker seemed to survive.

The only failures were the two leaders' efforts, the spiky porcupine-like ones...both eggs smashed on impact.

Inchcailloch 2019

Balfron Scouts embarked on an adventure to Inchcailloch island on Loch Lomond, via a 9km hike with full packs from Drymen up over Conic Hill.

Thankfully parents (Russell and Mark) helped with their boats for the crossing as the post boat was off due to high water.

The first night was calm and some scouts ventured up to the ancient burial ground on the island, they returned quite quickly, and a little shaken! Others were brave enough to paddle in the loch, they also returned shaking!

On the second night we had to endure a storm which flattened tents, once we added extra guy ropes we took shelter in the fantastic bivouac with fire and toasted marshmallows after a great dinner of Spag Bol and fried garlic bread.

Full cooked breakfast with full strength hot chocolate both mornings of course!

Well done all the scouts for doing a tough hike with heavy packs and enduring the storm in great spirits.