Faster, Higher, Stronger

This October the Scouts headed over to the Emirates Arena in Glasgow's East End to take part in our very own Olympic Games! With 400m relays to 100m sprints and even the odd long jump or two the Scouts all put in a fantastic effort and have all completed the activity section of their Athletics Activity Badge. Well done boys!

Cubs' Halloween Party

The Cubs concluded their Halloween party with some Glowstick Painting. We switched the lights out in the hall, and took some long exposure photographs, one with some order and pattern in it, the other where the cubs just ran about the room for a bit!

Beavers at the fire station

Last week we went to visit the fire station. All the firemen were there and showed us around the engine and all the equipment. The huge alien fireman suit was great but our favourite was getting to use the hoses...and getting the nearby Beavers a little bit wet.

A little walk

Last weekend a small group of Scouts went for a hike, taking along a Beaver and a Cub. We walked from Killearn across the moor and up Dumgoyne. With some encouragement from the Scouts, everyone got to the top where there was a great view to the mountains to the north.

It was hard work getting up the hill but much easier getting down...

The Scouts also did a great job map reading. They led us all the way and had a few tricky decisions to make where they used their compass. 

Everyone is keen to tackle some bigger hills...those Munroes to the north looked very inviting.