Water activities at Invertrossachs

Last weekend the Scouts went to Invertrossachs for a day of water activities. The main reason was to try and use the powerboat (it hadn't been working when we last went).

We first had a go on the bellboats...then cooked with the Diablos because we were getting hungry...

...then had a quick powerboating safety check, and were told what to do if there was a man over board!...

...while our parent volunteers kept an eye on the fire...

...and then we headed out...

...unfornuately Bob kept falling out of the boat...

...so we each had a chance of rescuing Bob, yelling "man overboard", pointing at where he was and approaching from the correct side.

...it was lucky for Bob that we managed to rescue him each of the 15 times he fell out!

Go-karts part 3

The karts are almost finished so it was time for a few test runs in the car park. Some of them needed a few alterations but they should be ready for next week.

Go-karts part 2

This week we took all the stuff we found at the tip and a few bits of wood and tried to make it all into go-karts.

Go-karts - part 1

Over the next few weeks we will be building go-karts from old bikes, prams, scooters, a wheelchair and any bits of wood we can find. Our first task was a trip to the recycling centre to see if there was anything good to use...and then it was back to the McLintock Hall to plan the go-karts that we will start to make next week. 

Invertrossachs, Cub and Scout camp 2019

Last weekend the Cubs and Scouts went off to Invertorssachs for a joint camp (look how peacful it looks before we arrived!).

Many of the Scouts braved the cold nights and slept in hammocks or the foxes' den.

As well as lots of firelighting, cooking and shelter building we went for cycle rides and took the bellboats out on Loch Venachar.

Here are a few photos from a very busy weekend. 

Teamwork at Auchengillan

This week the Scouts headed off to Auchengillan for a pioneering teamwork session. Each patrol had ropes, pegs and a pole and was left to figure out how to get a flag pole up. They made a good job of it so they celebrated with a wide game and a campifre to cook marshmallows over.

Mother's Day breakfasts

Last week the Scouts had a go at inventing new Mother's Day breakfast recipes. In their teams they had £5 to spend in Coop to make the best breakfast ever! Here are their results.

(The last one, pizza and garlic bread, was the creation of the Young Leaders...who I think just hadn't had their dinner yet.)

International Cooking night

Last week we had a great session do some cooking from around the world. The sushi was a little tricky to roll but it did mostly stay together and was very tasty. The fortune cookies were great fun to make, and to invent some "interesting" fortunes to put inside...but weren't that nice to eat!, and then the home made tortillas, which we made into quesadillas were great to eat and fun to make...although try to make sure the smoke alarm didn't go off was difficult with so many people making so many quesadillas.