Meggernie Camp 2018: Scout hike

It's traditional at Meggernie now for the Scouts to be visitied by Dmitri the Russian Spy. Yet again he failed to land safely and crash landed in the hills, so we had to go and find him. After a bit of searching we did find him, his parachute and quickly helped him with his broken arm.

We found a great place by the river for lunch, cooking diablo toasties on the fire with soup.

On the way back one of our Scots slipped and twisted her ankle, the Scouts were quick to help, comforting her and keeping her warm, and then making a stretcher to carry her the mile home. Much to the Scouts amazement and disgust, it turned out that the ankle wasn't sprained and the leaders had played a trick on them and this was just an exercise. Perhaps the smile on the injured Scout's face should have been a give away...but it was great fun anyway.