Inchcailloch Scout camp

This weekend the Scouts went to Inchcailloch, an island in Loch Lomond, close to Balmaha. We set off from Balmaha in the old ferry boat, with Calum bringing supplies in his canoe.

After what seemed like a long walk across the island with our full backpacks we reached our campsite for the weekend. The scouts set up the tents and had plenty of time to play games on the beach, go paddling in the lovely warm loch (or so the scouts told us) and make a fire while Calum made the hot chocolate.

It was a lovely night, with a great sunset and plenty of time to go off and explore the island. We searched for wild garlic for the soup, had our dinner on the beach and set up hammocks for those that wanted to forego the comforts of a tent. After a night walk to the graveyard, scaring a few deer on the way, it was time for bed.

It rained a bit in the night but we didn't notice it. After having to get woken up by the leaders we had a great breakfast and then headed off across the island to get the ferry back to the mainland.

The national park only allow a few people to stay on the island at any one time (we had it all to ourselves) so after hiking eight miles to Drymen the first lot of scouts said goodbye and the leaders picked up the next lot. Retracing their steps another eight miles back to Balmaha the second lot enjoyed the Saturday night on the island.

Lots more fun on the beach, wide games and garlic collecting later and a few more people in hammocks and it was time for bed...and an hour or so later the scouts actually went to sleep...but not for long. The dawn chorus (of fighting canada geese as well as barn and tawny owls) was very loud so a few scouts were unfortunately woken up quite early!

But maybe that was good as there was plenty of time to get the tents down and trek across the island back to the ferry and the waiting parents.

That was the end of another very successful Inchcailloch camp...the best bits were probably Calum's wonderful cooking, the great weather and the beach. 

We'll definitely be back soon!